As of June 2019, the iOS SDK is no longer needed to record native apps and the users homescreen. The new iOS experience records everything across the device, through the entire session. The new iOS experience information is available here.

Hi! This tutorial walks you through installing Lookback iOS SDK into your app using Swift. The iOS SDK is a plugin that can be installed directly into your own app. It will bundle Lookback with your app and make it available for all your users, beta testers or employees only, depending on how you install it. 

The iOS SDK is simple for a developer to install, taking less than 15 minutes to get started. Send a developer on your team this article so they can get rolling!

Please note: You do not need an SDK on Android because Android doesn't have the same security restrictions that Apple has on iOS. On Android you can record any screen with our Android Participate app.


If you have CocoaPods installed on your computer, you can demo the SDK integration like so:

pod try Lookback

Developer instructions

Depending on your environment, there are two different ways to integrate the iOS SDK. We strongly recommend using the CocoaPods one:

  1. Using CocoaPods, for automatic download and installation.
  2. Manually, by downloading the zip file.

Once you have added the SDK to your app, you can then add the three lines of code to get started with research!

Please note – We no longer are supporting a Cordova plugin.

Can we include Lookback only in Beta builds, and not Appstore builds?

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