Organization/Team members

All members on Teams or Insights Hub plans are considered "Collaborators" and as such, can be moderators in a session. Only one user can moderate a session at a time, meaning anyone else in the session will be observers. However, another team member can take over as moderator at any given time the team agrees on, to maximise collaborative flexibility. Furthermore, all team members can:

  • Set up Projects and moderate Remote LiveShare sessions

  • Edit highlights.

  • Watch previously recorded sessions.

  • Download sessions, highlights and notes

  • Change privacy settings of Projects

  • Add notes and chat during Remote LiveShare sessions and on previously recorded sessions.

  • Add and remove organization members

Pro Tip!
Members can be added or removed on the Lookback organization's Members Page which you'll find on the drop-down menu on the top right.

Please Note!

On the Teams and Insights Hub, there is currently no specific role for Observers. If you need to invite someone to observe a session but don't want to give them access to your Lookback organization, you can invite them using a public link.

The owner

Whereas all team members have the same capabilities, every Lookback organization has only one owner. The owner's unique capabilities are:

  • manage the Organization's billing

  • transfer ownership to another member

  • delete the Organization

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