In order to ensure the highest quality of research possible, we've recently made changes to the iOS version of the Lookback Participate App to require either wired or wireless headsets/headphones for participants joining a LiveShare. The reason for this is because of the way we capture camera and taps/touches while inside the Participate App and how it's not possible to take advantage of the built-in iOS "voice call" echo cancellation features.

Because we don't want anyone to enter into a research session that will result in a sub-optimal experience, we are communicating this requirement up front. Here is what your participant will experience in the process when they have a headset:

If your participant does not have a headset, this is what they will see:

We’re actively making product improvements to eliminate echo issues for iOS devices and ensure the best experience possible for all our users.

However, in the meantime please do notify your participants on iOS that they’ll need to wear wired or wireless headsets/headphones in order to participate in a LiveShare session.

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