Before the session begins, the Participant should:

  • make sure the participant uses a strong, stable WiFi connection β€” not a mobile (cellular) connection

  • Use a headset with a built in mic. It's optional, but strongly recommended, as it helps reduce e.g. echo and improves the audio quality during the session and in the recording.

On the testing day:

  • the Participant clicks the Participate link πŸ‘‡

  • ...which brings the participant into the onboarding flow πŸ‘‡

Onboarding flow on iOS:

1. The participant will see the Welcoming message as the first thing after clicking the participant link. After a careful read/taking any actions described, taken notes if needed (you won't be able to return to the welcoming message), you close it (click x) to proceed.

2. Next are a couple of screens with a reminder of what is expected next, and to use a headset with a built in mic.

3. Next the participant is asked to fill out name and email. The name entered is only used to associate with the name of the session with, for organizational purposes, so it's possible for the participant to enter an alias/made-up name and email (has to follow the format instead of their real name/email if for some reason that's wanted. As the participant you should of course be in agreement on this with the person who sent the invitation/participant link.

...then a series of permissions:

4. Notifications – used if there are any issues to alert the Participant of β€” such notifications would only be sent during the research session.

5. The participant is requested to enable camera, microphone and screen sharing with toggle switch (for Android devices) and camera, microphone, and as a separate step, screensharing (for iOS devices). The screen sharing step on iOS is shown separately below, and the steps are also shown directly in the iOS screen sharing flow on the participant's device).

6. Once all permissions are complete, and the participant is waiting for the other party to join, the Moderator is notified at their end that a Participant has arrived and that the session is ready to start. Once the moderator (researcher) has clicked Start moderating, the participant gets a call, and clicks Accept – and the session starts. Moderator and participant are now connected.

The screen sharing step on an iOS device

Participants using their iOS device must go through an extra step to enable screen broadcast via Apple's "picker." This is useful to share, as some participants can get stuck on this step. See video below πŸ‘‡

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