In the past we've communicated a recommendation of 5mbps WiFi connection to ensure strong connection. While we still conservatively recommend that speed, in reality successful sessions happen at slower speeds as long as the connections used by the moderator, observers, and participant are stable and reliable.

A few pointers to help run successful sessions in your home:

  1. Close other household apps on the same network that are consuming a lot of WiFi bandwidth before the session starts and for the duration of the test.

  2. If at all possible, limit streaming of 4K and HD video services (and stream-like gaming) running at the same time as your Lookback remote LiveShare or Interview sessions. 

  3. In homes with multiple networks, mesh networks or devices that parse internet, make sure you have access to one IP address beforehand and you're within range of the stable network. Sometimes WiFi and mesh networks have "sweet spots" and it can take some trial and error to figure out positioning for the best connectivity.

  4. For desktop-based sessions, if you have access to ethernet, we recommend cable connectivity versus WiFi.

  5. This is not unique to Lookback but sometimes it helps to run sessions without your camera enabled to further reduce bandwidth usage.


Unfortunately, without access to the Virtual Private Network it is almost impossible to analyze exactly how the VPN is interacting with our sessions. 

The best way to help troubleshoot is to copy the 'Link' / URL of the session (it contains the session ID) and send it to our support team to look into, along with as many details as possible describing the scenario, the steps that lead up to your problem and how the problem manifests. If no session was created, screenshots showing what you and/or your participant sees when you get stuck and before you get stuck can greatly help troubleshooting.

  • Click "Link" to copy your session id.

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