'Rounds' is a new layer of organization that allows for iterative, mixed-method research in the same 'Project'. With 'Rounds', you can set up, organize and run different types of research, scenarios and instructions all in the same 'Project' when you create a 'Round of research.'

Does each Round have its own set of Participant links and Observer links?

  • Yes. Participant links and Observer links will now be associated with each Round.
  • A SelfTest Round will have a SelfTest Participant link.
  • A LiveShare Round will have:
    - A remote LiveShare Participant link
    - An In-person LiveShare Participant link (and QR Code)
    - An Observer link
  • As always a unique interview room will be created for each participant who clicks on a Participant link, so you never have to worry about one participant interfering with a different session. You can have multiple but separate sessions in a 'Round' with the same link.

Can I edit the settings of a Round?

  • Yes, of course. Just click Edit beside the relevant round to edit the settings of a Round. And remember to 'Save' your changes.

Can I delete a session within a Round?

  • Yes, of course. Sessions can be deleted individually form the Player. 
  • Just click into the recording. Click 'More' and click 'Delete'.

Can I move a session from one Project to another?

  • Yes, of course. Sessions can be moved individually from the Player. 
  • Just click into the recording. Click the dropdown menu beside the name of the 'Project' (below the timeline). Choose the other 'Project' that you'd like to move to. And click 'Move 1 Recording'.
  • Now you can find this recording in a 'Round' called 'Other Sessions' within the other 'Project' you chose.

Can I edit Project Settings?

  • Yes, of course. Just click into the 'Project'. Click the cog icon to edit your project's settings.

Can I delete a Project?

  • Yes, you can delete a Project in 'Project settings'. But beware, deleting a project will delete all the 'Rounds' and sessions within the project.

Where are my old projects?

  • Existing sessions in an old project will be available in a default round called 'Other Sessions'.
  • Existing test links and test plans from previous projects will still work and stay active.

Does Rounds change the way Moderators and Observers join LiveShare sessions?

  • No 

Does Rounds change the way Participants test?

  • No

Can Moderators and Observers still chat with each other and add notes?

  • Yes, of course.

Can Collaborators still create highlights?

  • Yes, of course.

Am I able to download sessions and notes?

  • If your plan allowed downloading before, that will remain the same.

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