'Rounds' is a new layer of organization that allows for iterative, mixed-method research in the same 'Project'. With 'Rounds', you can set up, organize and run different types of research, scenarios and instructions all in the same 'Project' when you create a 'Round of research.'

  • Yes. Participant links and Observer links will now be associated with each Round.
  • A SelfTest Round will have a SelfTest Participant link.
  • A LiveShare Round will have:
    - A remote LiveShare Participant link
    - An In-person LiveShare Participant link (and QR Code)
    - An Observer link
  • As always a unique interview room will be created for each participant who clicks on a Participant link, so you never have to worry about one participant interfering with a different session. You can have multiple but separate sessions in a 'Round' with the same link.

Can I edit the settings of a Round?

  • Yes, of course. Just click Edit beside the relevant round to edit the settings of a Round. And remember to 'Save' your changes.

Can I delete a session within a Round?

  • Yes, of course. Sessions can be deleted individually form the Player. 
  • Just click into the recording. Click 'More' and click 'Delete'.

Can I delete a Round?

  • Yes, you can delete Rounds now.
  • To delete a 'Round', click into the 'Project'. Click the 'Ellipsis' icon (three dots) beside the relevant 'Round' and click 'Delete'.
  • Caution! Deleting a Round will delete all the recordings within the Round.

Can I edit Project Settings?

  • Yes, of course. Just click into the 'Project'. Click the cog icon to edit your project's settings.

Can I delete a Project?

  • Yes, you can delete a Project in 'Project settings'. But beware, deleting a project will delete all the 'Rounds' and sessions within the project.

Where are my old projects?

  • Existing sessions in an old project will be available in a default round called 'Other Sessions'.
  • Existing test links and test plans from previous projects will still work and stay active.

Do Rounds change the way Moderators and Observers join LiveShare sessions?

  • No 

Do Rounds change the way Participants test?

  • No

Can Moderators and Observers still chat with each other and add notes?

  • Yes, of course.

Can Collaborators still create highlights?

  • Yes, of course.

Can Collaborators download sessions and notes?

  • If your plan allowed downloading before, that will remain the same.

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