We understand that your research can be generative, evaluative and iterative. And we also know you need to carry out multiple methods of research within the same project.

So we created 'Rounds' for you. 

Rounds live within a Project and allow you to carry out multiple rounds of research within the same project by decoupling 'test plans' from 'project settings'.

Create a Project

Now a project represents your higher level research theme.

  • As always log on to Lookback on your Desktop/Laptop on a Google Chrome Browser.
  • Click New Project on the top right corner.

  • Name your project and add a description, if you like.
  • If you're on a Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan you can also choose to make your project 'Private' and add 'project members' who can access your project. 

  • Remember 'project members' should have already been added to your 'Members Page' earlier.

That's it.

Create a Round within your Project

Now a Round focuses on the details of your test plan - the method of testing, the devises your testing on and the actual tasks itself.

  • Start off a round by choosing if you'd like it to be either moderated or unmoderated.

Moderated or Unmoderated?

LiveShare is a moderated test that could be remote or in-person
SelfTest is an unmoderated test that the participant carries out at a time of their choice.

The nitty gritty 

  • First click the pencil icon ✏️and name or describe your round at the very top of the page. 

  • Then go ahead and add the granular details.

Device Requirements 

- Choose which devices you'll be testing on. Desktop, iOS or Android?
- If you're testing on iOS, you can also decide to 'hide browser controls'

Welcome Message for Participant 

- Shown before the participant starts the session 

- You can describe the context of the test and add links to external consent forms too

Landing Page  for Participant 

- Shown when the session starts
- Add the url of the a website or prototype you're testing
- Leave blank if you're testing an App or anything else

Instructions for Participant 

- Shown when the session starts
- Provide tasks for your participant to carry out, and add links to external questionnaires, or other web-based content

Final Message  for Participant 

- Shown after the participant ends the session
- Say thank you and add links to external (post-test) surveys

  • Remember to 'Save' the details of your Round!

Now you're ready to start testing.

What's Next?

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