Your Android testing just got a serious upgrade! We've been busy building a brand new Participate app that gives researchers and participants an improved experience. It's now available in the Google Play store for Android devices.

Here is what to expect:

  • A significant increase in stability and synchronization

  • Enhanced upload reliability of session recordings

  • Greater optionality in project creation & messages to participants

  • An in-person mode for moderators

  • Improved accessibility standards (AA+ color-contrast and type sizes to aid with visual impairments)

  • A cleaner UI with visual cues for usability

A significant increase in stability and synchronization

The new build aims to improve session and recording quality. Audio / video desynchronization should be a thing of the past (post version 0.6.12).

Enhanced upload reliability

Changes to our cloud infrastructure will mean less lost video and higher consistency in recording output. 

Greater optionality in project creation & messages to participants

Android testing includes an Instructions message for added guidance during the session. We've replaced Outro message with a Final message

An In-person mode for moderators

To help you replace your lab set up, or make it mobile, we've added this easy to use functionality.

General requirements

  • OS minimum: Android 6.0.1 (23 Marshmallow) is the lowest Android version that is compatible. More info here

  • Devices require more than 2GB of RAM.

Things to keep in mind

  1. If you have ongoing Android research in projects created before this release, you may need to update/ add the project instructions.

  2. On Self-test, participants will need a reliable internet connection throughout the duration of the test, as it is 100% cloud based.

  3. Participate records everything on the screen, and records the participant’s camera even when Participate is in the background. You may want to instruct participants to close any apps or sites open prior to test start.

  4. The Participant hand icon (bubble) is not included in LiveShare test in this release version. However it is redesigned and improved for Self-Test. 

  5. Due to Google's enhanced security measures, the Android platform limits capturing screen touch/ taps. For now it is now considered a developer tool setting (on the users device) that we don't recommend. If we are able to work around this in upcoming iterations we will be sure to announce it!

Looking for more info? Try the following links, or leave us a note with questions/feedback: 

  1. How do I join an Android Live test? (Participant guide)

  2. Self-Test on Android: A tutorial for Participants

  3. Participant Email Template – Self-Test Android

  4. Participant Email Template – Live Android

  5. How to Live Stream an In-Person Study on Android

  6. New Android Participate App: Version compatibility

Happy researching! 🤓

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