Often when users have this problem it's related to 'Settings' in either the Chrome Browser itself, or in the MacOS 'Privacy and Security Settings'. 

All you have to do is give Mac OS permission to let Chrome use your microphone / camera / screen recording.

On your Mac:

  • Click 'System Preferences'
  • Then click 'Security and Privacy'
  • Choose the 'Privacy' tab
  • Click Camera / Microphone / Screen Recording on the left
  • Add a check mark  ✅ beside 'Google Chrome'

  • Save changes and restart your desktop/laptop if necessary.

If you're a participant,  just go back and click the Participant Link your researcher sent you.

If you're a collaborator,  just go back to your Dashboard and click into the appropriate "Live session" or click the "In-person" button, depending on which test is being carried out.

You'll find that starting a test is a breeze!

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