Often when users have this problem it's related to 'Settings' in either the Chrome Browser itself, or in the MacOS 'Privacy and Security Settings'. They will often receive a message that says "Message: Permission denied by system" when this occurs.

All you have to do is give Mac OS permission to let Chrome use your microphone / camera / screen recording.

On your Mac:

  • Click 'System Preferences'

  • Then click 'Security and Privacy'

  • Choose the 'Privacy' tab

  • Click the 'Lock' icon and enter password, if necessary.

  • Click Camera / Microphone / Screen Recording on the left

  • Add a check mark  ✅ beside 'Google Chrome'

  • Save changes and restart your desktop/laptop if necessary.

If you're a participant,  just go back and click the Participant Link your researcher sent you.

If you're a moderator,  just go back to your Dashboard and click into the appropriate "Live session" or click the "In-person" button, depending on which test is being carried out.

You'll find that starting a test is a breeze!

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