The last step of participant set-up is screen sharing (titled "Finally, your screen"). If your participants are having trouble with this step, following the descriptions below usually helps them get past this step.

  1. Click Share screen. A smaller window pops up, usually in the middle of the screen. (If you can't see it, please check if it's hidden behind other windows open on your computer. If you still can't find it, check that pop-ups aren't blocked in your browser settings. If the participant is on a Mac, it could also be related to system settings, described in this article).

  2. In the pop-up window, you see the screens available to share, usually just one. You'll also notice the Share button on your lower right is greyed out, i.e. inactionable. Select (=click on) the screen, even if you only have one – as soon as you've clicked on the screen you want to share, you will be able to click the Share button (see image below).

  • If your participant is using a MacOS computer and is still unable to share a screen, it might be related to MacOS systems settings for the Chrome (or Edge) browser. This article explains how to ensure that their permissions are set up correctly.


  • "Sharing Screen" enables the Researcher to view how you interact with their product and watch how you carry out the specified tasks. "Sharing Screen" only allows the Researcher to see and capture your screen, not control it.

  • Lookback captures everything on the screen, so close/disable anything you don't want captured in the session recording before the session starts.

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