In an unmoderated session, you'll read through instructions provided by your researcher. Please complete your session according to the timeframe shared with you. The goal of these sessions is to share your honest perspective and feedback on an app, website, prototype, content, etc. Remember to share your thoughts aloud — talk through what you expect will happen, what you didn't expect, any raise any issues or bugs.

Quick prep 

  • Find a quiet corner.
  • Connect your headphones (with built-in mic). Headphones cut out background noise and improve the quality of sound.
  • Make sure you're on a good Wifi Connection.
  • Check you have an up-to-date version of Chrome on your desktop/laptop. If not you can download Chrome at 
  • Read the communication from the Researcher and find the participant link (invitation link) for the SelfTest. It should look something like

Install the Participate Chrome Extension

  • Open the Self-Test link that the Researcher sent you, in a Chrome Browser.
    Click "Install extension", when prompted to install Lookback's 'Participate Chrome Extension'. It'll just take a few seconds.
  • When you're taken to the Chrome Web Store, click "Add to Chrome".

  • Read the notification and click "Add extension" to reconfirm.

  • Now that you're all set - you'll see a 'Welcome message" from you Researcher.
  • Go on and click "Get Started"

Tell us who you are

  • Type your name and email address for the Researcher. If you're not keen on sharing your real name and email, make something up. Just remember to follow the format for email.

Enable mic

  • Check your headphones are connected properly and choose a Mic from the dropdown menu. Remember you can't continue the test without enabling Mic.

Enable Camera

  • Enabling Camera is optional but highly recommended. You can choose to skip this step if necessary. You won't be able to enable camera later on in the session if you have 

Share Screen

  • Since the aim of the test is for the Researcher to observe how you interact with their website/app/ prototype, 'screen recording' is required.
    Click "Share Screen". This only allows the Researcher to see and record your screen. Not to worry - they can't control anything on your screen.

  • In the window that pops up select the the image of your desktop Screen and click "Share" to proceed.

"Share" button greyed out? Just click the the image of your desktop/laptop screen in the window above. Presto!

Time to test

If your Researcher would like you to test a website or a prototype with a url, you'll automatically see the relevant website or prototype url in a separate browser window. 

  • If they'd like you to test an App or something else you'll just see the initial 'Welcome Message' in your Browser.
  • Regardless, just follow the instructions from your Researcher on the "Task" Panel to the right of the Browser (or in the initial email or welcome message).
  • Remember you can "Pause" the test at anytime by clicking the "Pause" button on the top right corner.

End your test

  • When you've completed testing, just click "End" on the "Task" panel.
  • Remember to  click "End session" again to reconfirm.

  • When you see a message that says "Thank you for Participating" you've officially completed and submitted your test to your Researcher.
    Wait for this message to be assured of receiving compensation (if applicable).

  • Now you can go ahead and close this window and all windows associated with the test. You can also "remove" the "Participate Chrome Extension" if you like.


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