We completely rewrote our iOS Participate app! You can expect our signature simple and intuitive participant experience but with additional powerful features for your research. It's available in the App Store for iOS devices.

What's new? 

  • Improved reliability and performance
  • Record everything across the iPhone: native apps, mobile sites, and homescreen
  • In-person mode
  • More details available on our blog announcement!

Improved reliability and performance
We achieved our highest objective, to bring our users the most reliable and best-performing mobile testing experience available. This release was engineered from scratch with all of your feedback at the heart of it.

We've also improved performance to make sure you can use the app with heavy prototypes, without reducing the performance of the device or draining the battery.

Systemwide recording, no development time needed
You can now test and record across the entirety of your participant's iOS device during the session. Test flows between apps, web pages, social media etc. See what is happening when your participant navigates outside of Participate - without having to install an SDK. 

For URL-published prototypes or mobile web sites, you will be able to capture screen, touches, camera and audio. If testing a live app, screen and voice are continuously recorded, while camera and touches are limited once the user leaves the Participate app. While we work to reduce this iOS limitation, you can rely on screen and voice, as the participant navigates the iOS device with the app in the background. 

If you already have our SDK installed and you are happy with it, there is no need to do anything - it will continue to work as before. If you'd prefer the new systemwide functionality, however, you'll need to remove the SDK and set up a new project or un-configure your current SDK project. 

In-person mode right in the app
Moderators can now log in to their Lookback dashboard and start an in-person test directly from the mobile device - on the fly! No more cables or links. Just download Participate, log into your account, and follow the flow. 

Check out our blog post about it here. App Store download link here.

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