Lookback is a comprehensive user research product, whether you want to conduct in-person or remote research, test on mobile or desktop, and whether you're looking for moderated or unmoderated. 

We began as an internal mobile tool at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden, and is now a standalone product that helps thousands of companies around the world to build better user experiences.
Lookback helps you talk to your users in three different ways.

The Three Modes

  • Live — For conducting Remote Moderated Research.

    Call and talk to your users anywhere in the world. They pick up with their computers or smartphones. You'll see their screen, hear their voice, see their face, and see where they touch the screen or move their mouse. They'll see and hear you, too.

    Your team can join, observe and take timestamped notes in real-time. The whole session is recorded.

    ℹ️ See a video of how Lookback Live works
  • Self-Test — For conducting Remote Unmoderated Research.

    Send tasks or instructions to your users. They'll use their phones or computers to record themselves and their screens while carrying out your tasks. Once they're done, they'll submit their videos to you, for you to watch and share with your team.

    ℹ️ See a video of how Self-Test works
  • In-Person — For conducting In-Person Research.

    If the user comes to you, or you come to them, use our In-Person mode. It records and streams the screen, camera and touches/mouse movements on a device of your choice. Your team can observer and take timestamped notes in real-time.

    If you have bad internet connectivity, In-Person also has a local recording mode that does not stream, and uploads the recording once you have better internet.

    ℹ️ How to set up an In-Person session

Participant recruiting
Lookback helps you talk to your users. If you don't have users, or need to recruit participants, we offer recruiting via various partners. See How Recruiting Works With Lookback.

Collaborating and sharing with your team
Lookback is best when shared with your team. Preferably in real-time! See How to share content on Lookback.

Getting started
We offer free, 14-day trials of the product. Go here to sign up.

Next steps
Read the next article about Getting Started.

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