Browser Requirements for Participants


But... once the session has begun and recording is underway, Participants are free to minimize their Chrome window and use another browser if they'd like to.
Lookback's Chrome Extension will continue recording the Participant's entire computer screen, as long as the Participate Chrome window is open in the background.


And... once the session has started and recording is in progress, Participants can navigate to any other browser or app too. Lookback's iOS Participate App or Android Participate App will carry on recording the entire screen, as long as the Participate App is open in the background.

Browser Requirements for Moderators and Observers

  • Moderators and Observers are always required to use the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop - irrespective of whether they're moderating/observing a Desktop LiveShare or a Mobile LiveShare.

But... any desktop browser can be used to replay an existing recording.


Participant Device Compatibility Requirements

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