All Lookback test modes (SelfsTest, In-Person LiveShare, Remote LiveShare) on desktop computers (Mac, Windows) must use the Google Chrome browser. Please download the Google Chrome Browser if you don’t already have it.   

For Remote LiveShare sessions, both the moderator and observers must be using Chrome to live stream the session. Also, the participant needs to use our Participate Chrome Extension. 

That said, our Chrome extension records the participant's entire computer screen, not just the Chrome window, so the participant can just minimize the Chrome window and use another browser if they'd like. 

Mobile Devices:

Participate iOS records the entire screen (as of June 2019) so participants can use whichever browser they like.

Participate Android records the entire screen, so participants can use whichever browser they like.

You cannot view Lookback videos from your mobile phone at this point.

Please Note: Any desktop browser can be used to watch a recording playback.

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