Browser requirements for Participants
What browsers can be used in one of Lookback's test modes
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  • Desktop Participants (Mac, Windows, Chromebooks) require the latest version of the Google Chrome browser (or a Chromium-based browser such as Microsoft Edge or Brave) to be able to start a Lookback session (Remote LiveShare, Tasks for Desktop SelfTest or In-Person LiveShare). The participant link will prompt the steps to add the extension to their browser.

  • To participate in an Interview session, no extension is needed for the participant.

    • NOTE: While Safari or Firefox may work for Interview sessions, they are not fully supported at this time and we still recommend using Google Chrome (or a Chromium-based browser) for the best experience.

    • It's always recommended to have the latest version of the browser you choose, and to have your operating system up to date.

  • Even though the participant is limited to Chrome (or Chromium-based browser), once the session has started, participants can minimise the Chrome (or Chromium-based browser) window and use another preferred browser. The Participate Extension will continue recording the participant's entire computer screen, as long as the browser window with Participate on is open in the background, i.e. systemwide recording.


  • Just like the Participate extension on Desktop, the Participate app captures system wide on mobile devices too, everything that shows up on the participant's screen is recorded. There are a couple of differences between Android and iOS devices worth noting though.

  • iOS uses an in-app browser based on Safari tech (Webkit), and as long as the participant remains in the Participate app everything is recorded – participant screen, participant camera and screen touches. However, due to Apple restrictions, if a participant using an iOS device backgrounds the Participate app (=opens another app), participant camera and screen touches will stop. Read more about

  • Android participants can use any browser to open the participant link and start a Lookback session, with maintained participant camera captured. Screen touches are not captured on Android sessions though, due to Google privacy restrictions.


Participant Device Compatibility Requirements

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