While you can always test with your own users, our partners can help you recruit participants worldwide.

A. Use your own participants

For remote:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Copy the "participate link" for SelfTest (unmoderated) or Remote LiveShare (remote moderated) sessions
  3. Send it to your participants via email or text message or a popup on your site
  4. Wait for them to join your Remote LiveShare session or send you SelfTest sessions. These sessions will appear in your project, with the name of the participant on them. The participant will also be listed under the "Participants" tab in the sidebar.

For In-Person LiveShare:

  1. Start a new In-Person LiveShare (in-lab) session
  2. Hand over the device to the participant. Done.

B. Recruit participants via one of our partners

TestingTime.com - Europe

We recommend TestingTime for European participants.

How to set it up
Go to http://www.testingtime.com and sign up for TestingTime.

How to use it for research

Step 1: Create a project in Lookback

Mobile or desktop, remote or in-person, moderated or unmoderated. The only thing you need is a participate link to share with users.

Step 2: Recruit users with TestingTime

Define your selection criteria, and enter your participate link in TestingTime. Then find high-quality testers from around the world.

Step 3: Collect feedback with Lookback

Engage participants in real-time, or watch SelfTest recordings whenever you’re ready.

UserInterviews.com - U.S. and Canada

We recommend User Interviews for North American participants.

We have a partnership with User Interviews. They can help you place participants for Lookback studies in the U.S and Canada. They charge $30 per participant, plus incentives. Payment to them is not included with Lookback, you'll have to pay them separately.

How to set it up, and get the first 3 participants for free

If you're a customer of Lookback, go to the partnership page and then click "Sign up for User Interviews." By doing this, you'll get your first three participants free of charge (but you'll still have to incentivize the participants somehow). Each participant after that will cost you $30 + incentives.

This offer is available once for every organization subscribing to Lookback, new or old.

How to use it for research

Once you've recruited participants via User Interviews, send them the participate link to join a live session or have them submit SelfTests sessions to you. From this step and on, the flow is the same as for inviting your own participants (see section above). 

There is no special product integration between Lookback and User Interviews, and participants recruited via User Interviews won't automatically appear in your Lookback dashboard unless you have them participate via the participate links first.

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