Believe it or not you can now conduct an In-person recording without needing an Internet connection! This is quite practical if you are in an environment in which you have limited connection and still wish to conduct a research testing with your participants.

All you need is an Android device

How to set this up

1. Install the Lookback Android app from the Google PlayStore

2. Start recording by pressing the bottom red round circle 

 3. Before the app starts recording, a window will let the participant know that Lookback with start capturing the screen device. Press "Start now". 

4. Once the session starts recording, a small red circle will appear in the top right corner.

5. Once the test is completed, the participant can stop the recording by "swiping down" from the top of the screen and "tap" to stop recording.

6. Finally, press the "upload" button at the bottom of the screen and the recording will upload.

7. You can then retrieve all your In-person local recordings in your Lookback Inbox (instead of the usual "Projects" folder).

You are now done! 

You are all set to start your Android In-person local test with your next participant! 

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